East Coast Outfitters (E.C.O.) is a community based eco-tourism operator specializing in providing outfits for couples. We specialize these outfits for various groups including our professionally guided sea kayaking tours & lessons where it adds a lot of fun, and offer a full service equipment rental and sales program. Our outfits are one of the largest in the area, and features top quality garments and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. All of our guides are highly trained and nationally certified. We have two locations, please visit us.  

Lower Prospect Outfits

  Our headquarters are located in the historic and picturesque coastal community of Lower Prospect. Like many coastal communities, Lower Prospect is faced with the challenge of a collapsed groundfish industry. Eco-tourism helps provide some relief. We call it “Codfish to Kayaks.” Come visit the local craft shop, listen to old fishing stories, and enjoy our quiet village. The paddling here is spectacular. We can always find sheltered coves and inlets, and for the more adventuresome, we are never far from the open ocean.  

Mahone Bay Outfits

  We are also located in the heart of Mahone Bay, at 617 Main Street. The islands around this historic village are stunning. Let us guide you along the rocky coastline to wooded islands, crescent beaches, and quiet fishing villages. Enjoy paddling with porpoises, seals, ospreys & loons. In Mahone Bay, we offer the same top quality outfits with paddling tours, lessons, rentals, & sales, plus cycling tours and rentals.  

What To Know About Those Couples Who Wear Matching Outfits

  We've seen them walking down the street holding hands. They're happy with arms tightly wrapped around one another taking on life like a breeze. Nothing seems to bother them. The road ahead looks good from where they see it.   These are the couples who wear matching clothing. There's not a person on the planet who hasn't seen them either at the beach, a sport's game or dancing at the club. Most will of us either point, laugh or comment on them to a friend. If you don't agree with that statement, then you've probably worn matching couple outfits with your partner at one time or another. Either way, these courageous couples whose clothes match down to their tennis shoes, seem to make us envious. We wish we had the same happiness as couples who wear matching clothing. Many of us believe this is lame. Yet, there are various reasons why couples begin dressing like each other.   Love   At some point in our lives, everyone has fallen in love. This love sees no boundaries. The path ahead is clear as day. You've met someone who takes up all of your time where you barely eat or go outside. There's a lot of late nights, laughing at silly jokes, cooking for one another and having confession times. You're inseparable. Your friends haven't seen you for days. They get the hint that you prefer your partner over them. It's been said, love makes us do crazy things. It's not uncommon for couples to express their love by wearing matching outfits. This isn't a shocking thing to see. To the couple, it's no longer a big deal. You don't feel silly or immature when dressed this way in public. You're so in love with one another that you'd wear anything your partner tells you. The power of love is what brings couples to match everything in their closet. You love this person so much that wearing the same shirt is an honor.   Relationship Strength   Matching outfits as a couple is a sign of solidarity and loyalty. Sporting events have the most attendance of couples in matching outfits. They wear hats, jerseys and even the same tennis shoes. It can mean they're supporting each other's favorite sport. You might care less about who's playing. If your partner loves the team, so do you. Dressing together for sports games is a blast. You have an extra cheering fan for your team. This strengthens a relationship. Many couples who meet at games end up getting married. Twenty years later, it's a family tradition to attend a favorite team's game decked out in matching outfits. Elderly couples wear matching clothes. It speaks to their longevity and unbridled unity. It also looks cute and adorable. Any couple still matching clothes in their 80s says a lot about the marriage.   Fun   Dressing the same can also mean the couple wants to go out and goof around. It's a fun-filled day where the matching couple shops at the mall without a care in the world. They're aware they draw in stares from the public. Who hasn't stared at these people? Yet, their love is so deep that matching outfits add to the fun outing. Millions of people have done this at some time in their lives. We can admit wearing the same clothes with the love of our lives is fun. There might be a time in the relationship where you discover you both wear the same size pants. From this point on, clothes matching as a couple can get serious. Soon you're looking for events to attend to dressed the same. Many couples meet up with others who are in matching outfits. This experience can soon turn into a fun group event. Folks, this is how those silly organizations you've never heard about get created. That should give you something to think about the next time you see a couple in matching shirts and pants.   Attention   It's no secret couples seek attention when they wear matching clothes. Further, there's no crime in wanting to stand out among friends or strangers. The attention can give them a sense of fashion. It can also let the couple know if they've missed the mark. This might not matter to the couple at all. As long as a few head turns, then dressing the same has brought them the attention they expected. If you're in loud prints, do you really think you won't get stared at? For some couples, the goal could be the reaction, not the clothes. Either way, it's direct feedback that gives them further confidence to keep up with the matching outfits. Some people mock couples who wear the same clothes. Many think it's beneath them, but then most aren't in a loving blinding relationship either.